Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday Scribe

April 30, 2008

Due on Friday:

BNW Socratic Seminar ticket (one page reaction paper on chapters 13-16)

After going over the homework for Friday, we talked about Monday’s Socratic Seminar. A lot of us felt that the sub. talked more than the kids did, and that it was not successful.

Then we got into our semester project groups, and Ms. Smith handed out guidelines and objectives for the projects.

Some important things to remember are:

  • Use specific examples! (with explanations)
  • Generalities don’t work here
  • Relate examples to modern world-make several connections
  • Creative and captivating
  • Good grammar and mechanics
  • Leave a final, lasting message
    • What do you want Ms. Smith and the audience to take away?

Presentations will be on the 12th and 14th.

The final work day will be on May 9th.

Ms. Smith recommended that we get it done before prom weekend for obvious reasons.

Remember, these projects are going on the blog for the world to see, so represent our class and each other to your best ability!

And finally, Wednesday, May 7th is the in-class essay test. Bring notes/an outline.

If you will not be in class, either come in on an off hour or have your parents time you 58 minutes and sign off on it.

Good luck to everyone these last couple weeks!

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