Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scribe for Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello Class! I realize that I am posting this blog a day too late and I sincerely apologize to those of you responsible people who tried to look up the scribe for yesterday, Monday the 29th, because here it is on Tuesday, the 30th.

HOMEWORK: Locker Tag (tag with a long "A"), Hamlet books (buy your own if you want to), and of course, the Final Project.

So moving on.... At the beginning of class on monday, we all voiced our frustration of the fact that it is not a wednesday, therefor we had no doughnuts to soothe the roaring of our hungry stomachs. It was a little annoying, but we look forward to the doughnuts on Wednesday.

Ms. Smith then started off class with the explanation of our Fischbowl projects we will be presenting for our Hamlet unit, which will cover the rest of our first semester in English Lit. The requirements of the Fischbowl include but are not limited to...
  1. Find Critical Analysis of text
  2. List of in depth/though provoking questions over section
  3. Everyone in the group participates
  4. Typed Syllabus
  5. College-Level prep class = college-level discussion
  7. We should be learning Hamlet better through each discussion
  8. Presenters need to post a blog question after class that everyone in the outer circle will answer by the next class period
  9. 5 leaders, 5 discussers, 2 open chairs, while the outer circle live blogs
  10. The Hamlet blog will be featured on this blog page
  11. The only way for discussers to earn points for the day is by participating in the "inner circle" discussion

After the cryteria for the Fischbowl was presented, we then signed up for a specified date to present and discuss (seperate days with different people).

The Sign-up list included:

  • Act 1 - Nov. 9
  • Presenters: Brooks, Joe, Michael M, Kyle B, Sam T
  • Discussers: Jackie, Soo
    • Act 2 - Nov. 16
    • Presenters: Soo, Emily L, Jackie, Ryan F, Leigh
    • Discussers: Brooks, Allie, Emilie, Sam T, Dan
    • Act 3 - Nov. 26
    • Presenters: Weems, Iain, Steven D, Dan, Jake
    • Discussers: Joe R, Emily L, Shaina, Rebecca R, Karm
    • Act 4 - Dec. 3
    • Presenters: Shaina, Allie, Emilie, Emily H, Charlie P
    • Discussers: Melinda, Sam E, Kacey, Ashley B
    • Act 5 - Dec. 12
    • Presenters: Melinda, Sam E, Ashley B, Kacey, Courtney
    • Discussers: Ryan B, Leigh, Ryan F
    • Act 6 - Dec. 14
    • Presenters: Rebecca R, Karm, Ryan B
    • Discussers: Kyle B, Courtney

    We then checked out Hamlet books (it was pretty exciting to say the least).

    After sign-up we had the option of working on our Canterbury Tales Locker Tags (which are due on friday), or our final semester (grade-less) projects for the rest of the hour.

    Again, I apologize for the late scribe, but better late than never! See you all tomorrow in class!

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Scribe for October 24, 2007

    Hello class, here is what happened this lovely day in Ms. Smith's 4th Hour English World Lit class:

    I. New Seats
    A. Everyone decided that Smith's computer generated seating chart was not suitable and we picked our own new seats.
    1. Brooks obviously sits by Joe and Weems obviously sits by Iain.
    II. Shaina entered with hands full of Krispy Kreme donuts
    III. Homework
    A. Locker Tag Assignment
    B. Comment on blogs
    1. Our own class blog about the final if you haven’t done so
    2. www.learningandlaptops.blogspot.com comment about the conferences
    3. Have your parents create a blogger account to comment on the conference blog on learning and laptops as well
    a) example parent blogger account: BrooksKmom
    IV. Circle wagons to read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
    A. The Merchant
    1. The merchant is a conman and an expert at exchanges
    2. He looks put together and quite well off but is really in a lot of debt
    B. The Oxford Cleric
    1. Spends all of his money on learning
    2. No preferment in the church
    3. “Borrows” money from his friends for books but pays them back only with a thank you or teaching
    4. Concern and want for educations shows rise in middle class
    C. Sergeant at the Law
    1. Older and quite educated in line of business
    2. Appears busy but is really just creating busy work to look occupied
    3. Always gives black and white answers to questions of law
    4. Hold a lot of power, people come to him for answers
    5. Line of business has arisen with the emergence of the middle class because he needs to settle the disputes among the new landowners
    D. The Franklin
    1. Well-to-do landowner
    2. Part of the government, holds power
    3. Wealthy
    4. Lives to please himself and his guests
    a) Always has food and wine that are the best of the best
    5. A view of what the middle class wants to emerge into
    E. Townspeople
    1. Their wives are making them call them “Madame”

    F. Cook
    1. Makes amazing food
    2. Gross nasty open sore on knee
    G. Skipper
    1. From the rough and tough town of Dartmouth
    2. Like a pirate
    3. Used to traveling of the sea but is now having to awkwardly ride a horse on this pilgrimage
    H. Doctor
    1. Very well educated about medicine
    2. In it for the money
    3. Has a deal to split profits with the apothecaries
    4. Health freak that won’t eat anything unless it is completely beneficial to his body and health
    I. Woman from Bath
    1. Represents women gaining power, wealth, and land
    2. Gap teeth is a symbol for being bold for love
    3. 5 husbands, married them all in the church
    4. Religious but a little hypocritical about it
    5. Pompous
    J. Parson
    1. Strong church and society leader
    2. Does what he says people should to in his preaching
    3. Believes that everyone is good and will end up in Heaven unless they are stubborn in not believing in the Christian way
    4. Nothing bad to say about him
    5. Represents commandments and the values of the society
    K. Plowman
    1. Good citizen
    2. Doing work simply so that he can help out, doesn’t want pay
    3. Parson’s brother
    V. With the remainder of class we met BREIFLY with our locker tag groups

    Monday, October 22, 2007

    Scribe - October 22, 2007


    -Begin prologue, read 101-112 up to the Friar
    -Locker Tag assignment is due November 2
    -Canterbury essay question is to apply 4 elements of the Middle Ages to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (test October 29)

    What we did in class:

    -Went over Locker Tag assignment and rubric
    -Got into groups for the Locker Tag assignment
    -Read pages 101-112 in the English Literature book

    Things we discussed on the reading:

    -It was translated from middle English to modern English by Neville Coghill
    -Christianity was moving away from the government because of the death of Saint Thomas a Becket
    -Chivalry, battle, and religion were major parts of life in the Middle Ages
    -There was a Feudal system/structure that locked people into castes (like father like son)
    -The author shows how the church has become corrupt through the selfishness of the friar, monk, and nun (they spend the money collected from people)

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    scribe- Oct. 17 2007

    Today is Wednesday 10.17.07
    Today we had a very shortened day because juniors all had to take the PSAT! yay

    Our Homework:
    ~React to blog posting about final project!!!
    ~Turn in the reality check letter to Ms. Smith, if not already done
    ~Bring our big book on Monday
    ~Enjoy the super long weekend

    Here is what we did in class:
    ~We discussed parent teacher conferences, how they revolve around what you learn not just grades
    ~Our assignments for the oh say 20 minutes were
    -reflection including:
    ^asses what you have learned so far in class
    ^where do you want to be at the end of the semester?
    ^How will you get there?
    ^How can Ms. Smith help?
    ^message to your parents
    -Reality Check/Was Up? 411 haha
    ^ write a little letter or note to Ms. Smith telling her
    how life is going for ya
    ~ We spent the whole time working on those 2 assignments and eating doughnuts.
    ~Last we turned in our projects and Ms. Smith posted them on the wall
    ~Thats all for our day! woo hoo 4 day weekend

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    HOMEWORK: Leave comments about how you feel about the final (worries, concerns, likes, dislikes....), Modern Pilgrimage Projects are due on Wednesday.

    Hello English Lit Class! Today, Ms. Smith told us about how much she loved her $90 t-shirt, and that she signed up for a new marathon scheduled to take place in January. We turned in our college scholarships, and then moved on to more serious stuff... our final.
    Here's what the outline looked like:

    Final Project: What is a hero?

    • Multi-media
    • -- Photo story, movie maker…
    • Group project
      -- 4-5 maximum
      -- Everyone participates significantly-veto power
    • Individual reflection of contributions
      -- Self reflection
      -- Peer evaluation
    • Modern examples
    • OED Definition as a part
      -- Portfolio
      -- Document comprising all work
      -- Include OED written definition
      -- Overview summing up all ideas into one
      -- Organized
      -- Creative
    • 10 minute presentation
      -- Clear and smooth transitions
      -- Organized
      -- Answers essential question
      -- Goes beyond the expectations
    • Synthesize all text covered in semester
    • Personal commentary
      -- React to what you have learned about a hero
      -- Give feedback through modern day heroes
      -- React to the evolution of the hero

      Point Value:
      No grade-intrinsic motivation

      Group One: Sam T.
      Group Two: Courtney W
      Group Three: Brooks, Joe, Bob, and Michael
      Group Four: Leigh, Ryan B, Ryan F
      Group Five: Jackie, Emily L. Rebecca, Soo
      Group Six: Charlie, Emily H, Allie, Emilie D.
      Group Seven: Matt, Ian, Steven, Dan, Jacob
      Group Eight: Samantha, Melinda, Ashley, KC

    After we discussed and got into groups, we had the rest of the hour to work on our modern pilgrimage projects. They are bound to be funny.

    Also, a freshman opened the door, walked into our classroom, looked around, said, "This is not my class," and walked out. It was entertaining.

    HOMEWORK: Leave comments about how you feel about the final (worries, concerns, likes, dislikes....), Modern Pilgrimage Projects are due on Wednesday.

    School on Wednesday starts at 11:00 for everyone except for the juniors. Poor kids.

    Hasta luego


    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Scribe- October 12, 2007

    I would like to thank Leigh for the donuts- they were good like usual.

    College Scholarships!!- Due Monday, October 15th
    Modern Pilgrimage Projects- Due Wednesday, October 17th

    In-class Work:
    Today we divided into our groups for the Modern Pilgrimage projects.
    -The different groups include:
    -Oversea Flights
    -Baseball Games
    -The Beach
    -Disney World
    We created lists of the different kind of people we see at each of these places and brainstormed for the project.
    We have to draw ONE kind of individual for the project and list qualities and characteristics of four more.

    Friday was a pretty slow day and very relaxed.

    Hope this helps answers any questions,


    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Scribe october 10th, 2007

    Hey everyone! so today we had a late start day, We talked briefly about the dodgeball tournament and the classes great enthusiasm.
    - We started off by talking about how to work Google docs for our final project that well make the rubric for next week, to get on Google doc you use www.docs.google.com and the best part is that it's free!!!
    - For the rest of the hour we read background information on the Canterbury Tales pg. 75-88, 99-104 we took some notes on these pages but mainly just talked as a class about them
    -You need to know the four centuries of change on page. 82.
    -we got a purple packet on Canterbury tales that helps us see the class pyramid in Britain, the 7 cardinal virtues, 7 deadly sins and so much more make sure you get this!!!
    - We also talked about our modern day pilgrimage project that were going to start on friday and we also get monday yo work on this. It's groups of 3-4 and it due on wed the the 17th. we also got a hand out on the guide lines of this project.
    -Don't forget the college scholarship project is due Monday.
    -Oh and Lee didn't bring donuts!!!

    I hope this was helpful, Jake

    Sunday, October 7, 2007

    Scribe for Friday, October 5th

    Ms. Smith started out class with the exhilarating story about her painful ovarian cist, which prevented her from running for several aggravating days and caused her to miss class on Wednesday.

    Next we went over the homework, which is to prepare a note card for the Beowulf test on Monday. The test will be two in-class essays on relating Beowulf to the Anglo-Saxon culture and whether or not he fits the four stages of a hero. These stages are still available on Ms. Smith’s website. Remember that the note card should be concise, with a few points and an outline. The college scholarships are due October 15, and the Modern Pilgrimage Project will be due October 17.

    We will be starting the Middle Ages unit on Wednesday.

    Then we….

    1. Circled the wagon

    2. Went over cantos 12 and 13 (this was our homework from Wednesday)

    3. Finished reading Beowulf together as a class

    4. Discussed these last cantos

    5. Went over the four stages of a hero

    · We all gave examples for each stage and whether or not Beowulf follows them (this is what one of the test questions will be)

    6. Anglo-Saxon recap

    · Does Beowulf represent this culture?

    · Remember for your essay… women, animism, Celtic aspects, oral tradition/poetry, Herot hall (gathering place), loyalty gained through leadership, and of course Christianity.

    Obviously this was a very exciting conclusion to the Beowulf unit. Good look to all of you on your test on Monday.

    Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    Scribe-Wednesday Oct. 3rd

    Michael brought donuts today. They tasted great.


    • read Cantos 12-13 of Beowulf for Friday
    • Focus on essay questions while reading Beowulf
    • Scholarships due 10/15
    • If you have not already, set up a conference with Mrs. Smith about your college essay.
    • Scribe

    Lesson Plan
    We had a substitute today so the quiz turned into a group quiz. We got into groups of three people and took out one sheet of paper for the group. The quiz was over Beowulf cantos 1-11. The quizzes were then graded by other groups in the class after you switched papers. After that was time for the students to get reading done in Beowulf. We are supposed to read cantos 12-13 for Friday focusing on the essay questions that we will do at the end of the reading. They involve how this story relates to Anglo-Saxon culture as well as how Beowulf fits the 4 stages of a journey for a hero.

    Monday, October 1, 2007

    Scribe For Monday October 1st

    College scholarships (Due 10/15)
    Test-Beowulf 2 in class essay questions (10/8)
    Quiz over Beowulf 1-11 (Wednesday)

    Notes on Beowulf 1-7
    1. Good vs. evil, Christianity replacing Celtic religion by creation of the world, Grendel comes from hell on earth, spawned in slime( evil, monster) born of jealousy
    2. Gathering in hall/herot same as Anglo Saxon, Grendel=Shadow of death which is a kenning-combination of words to describe something
    3. Beowulf- stronger and greater than anyone anywhere in the world
    4. Leaves weapons behind- Hrothgar is cautious, Beowulf shows good leadership beginning at 134, God must decide who will be given to death's cold grip-Fate in hands of god
    6. Unferth's challenge: Questioning of Beowulf, god is doing things that were unaware of
    7. Gold ring queen (kenning) Beowulf puts Ecglaf in his place which makes Hrothgar realize his power

    Good Evil
    Creation Spawn of slime
    Gathering at Herot Grendel
    Hrothgar's throne Cain-jealousy
    Protected by god Hell on earth
    God above king

    Gathering at hall
    influence of Christianity
    God protects Hrothgar's throne
    Sacrificed to old stone
    Loyalty- repayment for deeds

    Epic Hero
    Larger than life figure from a history of legend, participates in cyclical journey or quest, faces adversaries that try to defeat him in his journey, returns home significantly transformed by his journey, recurring charaters in the legends of their native culture