Monday, February 25, 2008

Scribe: Monday, 2/25

Our self-portraits (the ones that describe how others see us and how we see ourselves) were due today. Also, today was another fishbowl day which, I must say, lead to some interesting discussion. We were without computers today, but we were able to manage without them.

Through discussion, we interpreted the connections between this story and that of Hamlet. We also discussed whether or not Dorian had anything to do with the death of Sibyl and how each of the characters connected to Dorian (Basil and Henry) are developing into a certain role of good or evil (respectively).

Homework: Respond to blog post, conference with Ms. Smith BEFORE WEDNESDAY'S CLASS (remember, we have a PLC day. You could come in early Wednesday *wink wink*), National Geographic Project is due Wednesday, and be ready to present your self-portrait next class

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