Monday, February 4, 2008

Scribe Posting 02/01/08

Friday, February 1st.
In class:
In class today we finished reading the Contos in the packet that we all printed off. Next week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will be in the computer lab (you will need to have done the homework by these days so that you are well prepared).
Canto 4
- There is light in Limbo
- It is not a bad place, and there is no punishment
- Key people who reside here: Aristotle, Plato
- Limbo- These people have never had salvation and wonder why, which makes it a mental hell
Canto 5
Canto 34
- Get out by a stream- symbolism- a way of purification
- Betrayal for Dante is the worst layer of hell because he was betrayed
- Why is it the worst layer of hell?
-The closest people to you have betrayed you
-You trusted them and they broke a promise
Answer the following questions in a typed double space paper. Develop a clear rationale for your thinking about the hypotheical situation.
1.) How have the texts, songs, videos, etc. affected your thinking? Support and Defend your answer.
2.) As you create your hypothetical situation, how will you use this background information?
3.) Make sure in your hypothetical situation that you explain/defend your structure, placement, decisions either in paper format or included in your presentation.
Another suggestion in preparing for creating your project is to complete the compass that can be found on Ms. Smith's website or on Emily's post.
Have a great weekend!! Don't forget about the Super Bowl!

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