Friday, August 24, 2007

Okay well I'm the first scriber ever for this class so don't get mad if i do something wrong. I'll do my best.
(I'll dedicate this one to Brookes because he so defiantly wants the outline to be in this way)

I. Friday, August 24, 2007

- Homework - scribe, Oedipus material (four Handouts) quiz monday on the handouts, parent email Mrs. smith if you haven't already.

  1. We first started out with going over what to do when you are posting your info as the scribe. First go to blogger, sign in, and click new post and you will be redirected to the posting page.
  2. Handouts on Oedipus - Tragedy, A study of Sophocles, The nature of Tragedy, Introduction - Oedipus Rex, study and read these for the quiz on monday.
  3. Collected Essays, class expectation sheets (signed by both the parent and the student), and the tips on how to write a fantabulous essay.
  4. We then discussed the tips that most stuck out to us on how to write our essays and how our views changed or stayed the same after reading the college essay handouts given on Wednesday.
  5. A future internet site for us to use that Mrs. Smith wished she had when she was in college, but due to the technological disadvantages of those years she didn't get to enjoy using it.
  6. Continued talking about tips, for example, prove what you are trying to say, write about a passion of yours, don't try to sound like you have already been through four years of college, be yourself!, sentence fluency, and all that jazz.
  7. Expectations of a scribe/what should the scribe be responsible for/ what should the scribe include in the notes - Notes for the day, a neat outline (brookes gave a phenomenal example), should include all homework assignments/quizzes and tests, personal info about teacher for future extra credit opportunities, personalized to you, make it clear to everyone, the scribe should act as if he/she were in the absent persons shoes and think about what it would be that they would want the scribe to write, posts must be completed by 9:00 pm on that same day, for weekends it should be by 9:00 pm on saturday (correct me if this is incorrect), She also stated that she would hunt you down if you missed a post, o ya and the posts are worth 20 pts.
  8. We ended the class talking about what we expected out of the class this year, what we wanted, what we expected, etc. It was quite the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious class period, if you were sick then i hope you feel right as rain tomorrow.

I hope this is sufficient enough and pretty enough for all you critics out there (cough, cough, brookes, jk). See you all next time.

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brooksk said... start off I would like to critique number... ha ha no I am just messing, that was money and thanks for the dedication dude I am pumped you decided to take on the outline form and it looks like you did an adequate job at covering all the class material, I think you started the class off on the right foot.