Monday, August 27, 2007

Today I'm The Scribe!

Well, I get to be the second scribe ever in this class so I’m amazingly excited. And we got a lot done today so this should be even more entertaining. I suppose I’ll also keep up the tradition of obeying Brooks, jk, and will also do this in outline format. So, if you read this and weren’t in class, hope it’s adequate and that I cover all the bases!

1.HW: Write a college essay, the subject? “Have you been impacted by your parents? By others?” (due Wednesday), get your books (Oedipus the King) if you weren’t in class, and bring donuts on Wednesday if it’s your job.

A. We started out class by discovering that we all need to proofread our stuff before we turn it in. Apparently some of our essays we turned in lacked in that area and we need to do better next time.
B. Ms. Smith also showed us the wonders of raising our hands to voice our opinions and ask questions. She’s amazingly good at it and can even us both hands! (If only we were all so lucky)
C. We then started off the serious part of class by going over terms in the blue packets that we didn’t understand. Actually we went over pretty much all of them. We then talked about the basic necessities of a tragedy and Ms. Smith gave us a rundown of the family tree in Oedipus.
D. We then proceeded to take the quiz over the reading material…and Ms. Smith said it was so easy that we should be kicked in the butt if we didn’t get an A. Which I completely agree with. (Bye the way, Gates of Heaven is an amazing invention of hers)
E. We were then issued our books, Oedipus the King, and they’re really new so we need to make sure we take care of them.
F. We then began to read the first part of the book. We were also instructed to make sure that we noted reoccurring motifs, themes, and tragic hero qualities in Oedipus’ character.
G. Oedipus Complex: all men want to marry their mothers and kill their fathers. This really has nothing to do with anything except that it came up in class and it really messed with my head.
H. A little thing that Ms. Smith pointed out at the Greeks used the props in the scene to illustrate truths of life during that time. For example, the alter was placed at the center of the attention and the direct center of the stage. This served as a way of showing how the gods dominated Greek life and all that the gods were at the center of all they did.

Well, I hope this is an adequate Scribing and that I didn’t do too shabby of a job. See you guys Wednesday!

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brooksk said...

Matthew Weems you stud...I don't know who gave you the idea of organizing this into such a concise, logical, informative, and convenient outline method, but wow you did a phenomenal job with the execution of it! Ha ha. If I missed that class, after reading your scribe, I would have felt like I taught the class.