Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I guess I'm the scribe today...

Hey everybody, I'm the scribe today. I'm quite horrible at taking notes, so be nice to me if I do a better job than the previous two. I do my best. First off, I would like to take the chance to thank Jackie and Emily for bringing those wonderful circles of sugary fried dough. Thanks. They were delicious.

Scribe time
  1. To start things off, Joe showed his new scrubs shirt to the class and made everyone, especially me, feel extremely jealous.
  2. I have a good hockey name-whatever that means.
  3. We handed in our essays about how our parents or others have affected us. There was some staple action going on.
  4. Mrs. Smith told us that the third essay, "Who Am I?", is to be the hardest essay we have ever written, yet the deadline is only Friday, which, personally, seems to be a relatively short time the write the hardest essay we have ever written. But that's just my unbiased opinion.
  5. There was the passing of the fried dough.
  6. Just so you know, Mrs. Smith and Brooks share the job of resident expert on yogurt butter, so if you have any questions on this particular concoction, go to them and not me because it sounds rather odd.
  7. We spent some time before reading O.K. (Oedipus the King) to discuss the different motifs and repetitive ideas of the reading assignment. Oedipus is rather cocky and self-assured and has taken the weight of the world upon his shoulders. It's a rather insightful play.
  8. And, finally, the final production. With Brooks as Oedipus, Jackie as Creon, Leigh as Priest, Mr. Birthday Boy Sam (it was yesterday) as Chorus, and Emily as Chorus Leader, O.K. was acted out from the desks with flawless speeches and exceptional projection. Seriously, is it just me or should Brooks be on a soap or what?
  9. Um, the bell rang, that's it.

For some reason, I couldn't remember if it was by 9 or 10 that I was supposed to post, so I decided to wait until 11:15, just to be on the safe side. Oops.

The End...WooHoo!

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