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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello everyone,

We started off the class with donuts, Thank you Micheal, they were very good. (Weems some how ate 4 donuts)

Mrs. Smith was not in the best mood during class due to her freshman class, who drove her crazy with there lazyness. She also advised us to be nothing like them and to turn in good quality work throughout the semester.

We circled our wagons and went over any questions and reviewed over Dante's Inferno

  • Sam brought up a great question about how there hasnt been any encounters with the number 6, instead 3 has seemed to replace it. 3 is a holy number and 6 is known to be a common number associated with lucifer. We decided that hell is a mockery of heaven and is trying to copy God.

  • lucifer means "light-bearer"

We decided to start readiong from the beginning of Dante's Inferno (nobody seemed to remember what we read on monday)

Every reader read threee trisets (three is prevelant) before it was the next readers turn.


  • Dante is lost in a dark forest in which he is trying to find his way out of

  • He comes against three beast ( leopard,lion and a she-wolf)

  • He meets Virgil who says he can get him out by taking him though Hell

  • Virgil lived on the first level of hell because he lived before christianity

Canto 2

  • Virgil diagnoses Dante's problem as cowardice, and tells him the story of the blessed and beautiful lady, Beatrice, who came to Virgil in Limbo, the outermost part of Hell where he inhabits, to urge him to save Dante

  • Dante feels new courage spread through his whole being and tells Virgil he is really ready to follow him now

  • Some of use were mssing the last three pages ( Again, three is prevelant) of Canto 2, so make sure you go back to the website and try to print those pages off.


  • Read Cantos 3-5
  • National Geographic project

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