Saturday, September 1, 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello, today in Ms. Smith’s class we….

1) Turned in college essay: Who am I?

2) Went over the homework for the weekend.

a) Select one college essay to post online for peers to comment and edit

b) DONUTS Wednesday

c) Writing conference on final essay

3) Circled up for Oedipus reading and discussion

4) Passed around Smith’s calendar to sign up for conferences

a) Must have an edited and improved copy of final college essay for the conference

b) These conferences will be the week of 9/4

5) Decided to add the insult “unholy defilement” to our vocabulary.

Oedipus Notes

v Tiresias (the blind prophet) didn’t want to tell Oedipus the truth about who the murderer is because he wouldn’t gain anything

Ø There was some serious dramatic irony action going on, which is always exciting

v Oedipus blames Tiresias for it, Tir. tells the truth, it becomes the “blame game”

v Oed. isn’t willing to listen to the gods because of pride; wants to control his own fate

v Tir. hints relationship between Oed. and Jocasta (ew)


Ø Oedipus has his sight, doesn’t see the truth

Ø Tiresias is blind, sees the truth and knows all

v Severe paranoia kicks in Oed. and he makes numerous accusations

v Townspeople are in “limbo” about what they think

v Brookes proclaimed that in real life, it is easier to accuse rather than admit

v Sam gave an example of how the truth is never easy to take

v Smart boys

The end.

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