Friday, December 7, 2007

Reflections Period 4

What changes have you seen this semester in regards to your education? What role did technology play in that change? What role did the constructivist philosophy play in that change? (constructivist-students becoming producers of information, students in charge of their own learning)

Make sure to include specific examples and expand on each other's ideas.


JoeR said...

Well I have noticed the everyday use of technology in learning and how it has changed since I was a 9th grader. In 9th grade we had no projectors and almost all work was done on the board. This year especially, we have done majority of our work on computers and only used technology. For me this has been quite the change.I have never used technology like this before and was honestly very nervous. I also like the idea of student based teaching style. This allows the student to choose what is important and develops leadership skills as well. For some students in charge of their learning, this can be a scary thing because they may not take the responsibilty of teaching themselves and others. However, in our class everyone was eager to learn and everyone has stepped to the plate. Personally, this style of learning is a huge risk and the teacher must evaluate the class before handing the reins over to the class. Some important information may not be covered with students and teachers. There are a few flaws teachers need to work out before students in charge of their learning can be 100 percent effective. Overall, I feel that this semester has been a success for me and I have no real big complaints. I love the idea for the final, in my mind every teacher should have this kind of final where there is not a grade to relieve pressure from the student. I feel more prepared for college because of the intense use of technology. I am finally beginning to understand the importance of technology fro education, which is important to know for college. College is going to be 10 notches above high school, and I feel this class is doing a great job preparing me.

brooksk said...

This year has been unique in many ways and I have ventured into a new understanding of education and how WE can control our learning. Not only in our English class, but through my Medicine and AP Government class I have been exposed to a new level of education that has engaged and intrigued me to take control of my own learning. I continually grow my passion to learn for life and am learning that pursuing an education is not for the betterment of school, but for the betterment of ourselves and of life. Since the first day freshman year, I still reflect on the sign in the cafeteria that states: "Not for school, but for life we learn." I have had many chances to ponder this idea and this semester especially, I have had the chance to apply it to my own learning. In addition, this English class and my AP Government class have taught me to focus on learning, not the grade. All of these ideas have made me and all of my peers more interactive, engaged, and we all feel more liberty in our learning and what we can do to learn. In fact, I have become so motivated to take control of my education that I constantly find myself critiquing the teachers methodical lessons, abilities, and their own comprehension of the material in class. Although some would take this in a negative connotation, I see it as me taking responsibility and a true passion to be taught in the best of a teacher's ability so I can learn to the best of my ability. There have been three projects specifically, that are technologically oriented, that have contributed to my passion to learn.
A fishbowl for Hamlet has been wonderful in that our class has been able to handle the material on our own time, and present it to the class in a way that will circumferentially cover what WE see as important to the book's context, underlying symbolism, and it's significance to the time of its creation by Shakespeare. We have been able to interact amongst each other, which has really been optimal in learning.
AP Government. We have been instructed to choose a policy, plan, and in April, provide a vehicle for our policy that is available to all, and applies our policy to what we have done in class. Jeff Nadel and I, who have chosen health care, will be first formulating a wikispace that will be available to students and anyone else interested. But the key addition to our project, which in my eyes is revolutionary, is we will be EDUCATING THE EDUCATORS!! In other words, we will both be attending a meeting of the 21century teachers in the springtime to educate them on health care to the best of our ability, then ask them discuss and blog in regards to the cases, situations, and questions we pose to them. By striking debate, deep thought, and conflictive topics worthy of thorough discussion, we hope to receive indirect feedback from them on how well we taught them.
Finally, our English final, which consists of a group creating a video that completely encompasses the material of this semester in a meaningful, symbolic, and extremely educational way (making it fun and entertaining through some form of multimedia!!!). In progress of it now, it has been fun to be able to "review" the material with one another through an engaging and memory-engaging form, and has made all of us more aware of what we know, and what we dont know. I hope that we can all take this seriously and show the outside world that we are the cutting edge of education and are responsible and mature enough to take it into our own hands.
I am extremely appreciative of the opportunities I have been presented with to grow my own passion for education before embarking on my college and medical school journey. Education is truly changing and is giving the future a renewed hope of success and accomplishing mentalities. This has made me take care for my learning and furthers my passion to grow as a human intellectually for the betterment of myself and the enrichment of life. As an inspiring and leading neurosurgeon of the world, and an advocate for learning for life, Dr. Ben Carson believes: "Knowledge makes us better. Knowledge furthers ourselves as humans and enriches life."