Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sribe for Wednesday, December 12, 2007

As usual, doughnut Wednesday started off with a bang when Emily H. brought Albertson’s Doughnuts. It was a big day for the class; we have never had Albertson’s doughnuts. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the privilege of tasting one, but there was debate on whether or not we should have an in-depth, intellectual discussion on the comparison of Albertson’s doughnuts to the other; I guess will just have to wait and see, maybe there will be a blog post to follow.

After the delicious carbohydrates made their way to our fat cells, Fishbowl over Act V began. The leaders for the day were Milenda, Ashley, Courtney, Sam E.(a.k.a. Option C), and KC.

And the questions began:
1. The diggers were signified as clowns, what could that represent?
a. Possible comic relief
2. Why does Hamlet have a revalation about death, and then go back to his old ideas at the end of the act?
a. Realization, stages of a hero
b. Hamlet is Shakespeares way of enlightening the audience with possible philosophies
c. By saying everything goes full circle after death, his is still asking for respect of Ophelia even though she may have committed suicide.
3. Why?
a. Pride
b. Past the point of no return
c. Jorney of the tragic hero
d. Self fulfillment
e. Nothing left to live for
f. Selfish
g. Never considered himself to be wrong
i. BUT, he does want to make amends with Laertes for what he has done
4. Why all of the sudden does Hamlet have a change of heart?
a. Enlightenment again
b. Once he realized what he had done, he realized an apology would hurt anyone
c. Death brings out the true colors in people, he doesn’t want to end up like his father
5. With the exception of Polonius, every character died from poison, what is the symbolism?
a. They wer poisonous characters
b. Polonius was a selfish, rude character
i. He died a more brutal death because of that
c. Poison fits into the theme of conceit
6. Why didn’t Claudius stop Gertrude from drinking the cup before she did?
a. Showed his selfishness
7. Before Gertrude dies, she cries out for Hamlet; why Hamlet and not Claudius?
a. Hamlet was the only true character
b. She knew she could trust Hamlet for help
8. If Hamlet would have married Ophelia, do you think she would have been mad about Polonius’ death and still would have committed suicide?
a. No to suicide, yes to mad
b. Would Hamlet have gone that far?
c. She would have sided with Hamlet
d. There was still a Father-Daughter bond
i. Polonius was supposed to be looking out for her best interest
e. If she was with Hamlet, it may have been easier for her to see her father’s wrongs
i. Hamlet would help her recognize her father acts as wrong
f. Ophelia’s father’s death was the spark to her suicide
i. What really could have done her in was her and Hamlet’s break-up
9. Why is Laertes in denial about Ophelia? What message does this convey?
a. It was the consequence from everything wrong they had done
b. Horratio is rewarded for being a true character
c. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were also punished for what they did
d. Understand what life is about, don’t live it in revenge
10. In short…is death worth it?
a. It depends
i. Hamlet – yes
ii. Gertrude – no, she died with guilt
iii. For some it was worth it
b. Those who brought death upon themselves, along with enlightenment had some sort of cleansing of the soul
i. Most who died accomplished what they wanted
11. Did Hamlet plan do die?
a. Most likely
b. He was ready at any moment to encounter death
c. Hamlet never envisioned a bright future
i. Lived day by day, didn’t care what was to happen
d. Selfish
e. Easy way out for hamlet to avoid the consequences
f. Hamlet was so committed to killing Claudius, it was worth his death

And alas, the fishbowl was stopped early so that we could all watch one of the films versions of the death scenes.

Homework: ~Friday there is a fishbowl as well over the entire book, so come prepared.
~Devote the rest of your time and energy to working on the final project!

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