Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friday, November 30

HOMEWORK: scribe, get working on the semester project!! DON'T FORGET ACT 4 FISHBOWL ON MONDAY

In Class:
~We started class off by talking about the plans for next week
~late start Wednesday and possible quizzes over acts 3&4
~ reality check on Friday!
~Then we watched the Hamlet movies during Act 4. We started with the Mel Gibson version, where we concentrated on the Ophelia scene. Then we viewed the Kate Winslet version and watched the scene with Ophelia and then the plotting scene between Laertes and Claudius.
~For the remaining 15 or so minutes we had time to work on our semester project.
~Also much thanks to Charlie for those crazy assorted doughnuts!

Have a Happy Weekend

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