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Friday, March 21

First of all, I would like to apologize for getting this up so late, I just got back, but here it is!

1. Turned in Dorian Gray Assesment
2. We discussed how to present Brave New World (written by Aldous Huxley)
-This was wrote as a Satire
-Written in 1931
-It predicted the 7 downfalls of society, and they have all come true

Ideas of how to present Brave New World
-Debate- Taking sides of the predictions that are coming true and us outside sources, 2 debate teams will discuss their sides and how it relates to the world today (1 specific sacrafice)
-Discussion- Of the weekly reading- any questions or comments on the novel (use the blog as a study group)
-In Class Art- activities
-Pavlov- Over a large period of time track peoples habits and reactions (class conditioning)
-Essays- Get in the routine of practice writings (weekly reactions)- a journal and uen them all in at the end, as an encompassing reaction- Google Groups?
-Chapter by Chapter reading- discuss just what happened in the specific chapters so that we can have a better discussion
-Fishbowl- as an entire class and not just the inner circle- Socratic
-Downfalls of our society- What they are to us now
-Sacrafices of the Brave New World Society
-Image of the book- writing of image- pre-essay preperation

What has been decided on so far:
In Class Essay- (May 7) pick 1 sacrafice to trace throughout the novel, show how it was potrayed in the book and how it relates to society today (can argue against this)
Socratic- Have a written reaction to the first six chapters- Typed, 1 page, NOT A SUMMARY, and any questions- This is your ticket to participate in the discussion- you must have this in order to contribute to the discussion and it is worth points.
Chapters 1-6- April 16
Chapters 7-12- April 28
Chapters 13-16- May 2
Movie Clips- these will be shown on April 21 & 25

8 Sacrafices of Brave New World
1. Pure Science- that technology has become a god
2. High Art- All forms of Art
3. Religion
4. Family
5. Individuality/Identity/Humanity
6. Education
7. History
8. Democracy

Homework: Buy Brave New World, if you would like to read it over spring break you are more than welcome to.

Hope you had a great spring break! See you all tomorrow!!

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