Monday, March 3, 2008

Scribe 3/3/08

Hello Class!
Well today, everyone was present in class so we should all know what is going on, unless you were sleeping or not paying attention. (Kyle)
In other news, Today's top story: MRS. SMITH IS GETTING MARRIED!! After some confusion with the restaurant reservations, Mrs. Smith was engaged over the weekend, delaying the grading of our projects. But congratulations and best of luck!

Today was another fishbowl over chapters 9-12, but first we were to write a learning reflection for conferences with our parents. If, for some reason you didn't write it, Mrs. Smith would like these by Wednesday and should include the following:
1. Assess your learning in class so far this semester. Look at your participation, growth in writing, comprehension, etc...
2. Where, in terms of your learning, do you want to be at the end of the semester?
3.How are you going to get there?
4. What can Mrs. Smith do to help?
5. Then, write a message to you parents. (Tell them that you love them... you know, all the mushy stuff. I guess they like that...)

For Homework:
Read ch. 13-16
Semester Projects
Bring the two sources you are going to use in your paper by Wednesday
and respond to the blog question unless you were a fishbowl leader.

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