Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday March 5, 2008

Today was an easy day if you missed. We were granted a work day to work on our semester projects. The end of the semester is coming fast with only 78 days until graduation, so don’t take this project lightly. The goal for today was to set group meeting days to plan, and complete the project.

Before we got to work we handed in outside sources for out beauty papers. This was something we found on our own, or the sources Smith gave us at the beginning of the unit. We also got these back today. The turnaround was so fast so we can get reading and get ideas for that paper.

Homework is as follows: Read chapters 13-16, semester project, and get going on the beauty assessment.

Don’t forget the next week we have CSAP and don’t meet until Wednesday. Also don’t forget fishbowl on chapters 13-16 is on Wednesday, so come prepared.

Have fun sleeping in!

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