Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy CSAP Wednesday everyone!

Today Ms. Smith passed back our National Geographic projects and we had a fishbowl on chapters 13-16. Today was also donut day!
1. Beauty Assessment is due Friday March 21
2. Blog post for fishbowl if you weren’t a leader today.
3. Semester projects

Notes from fishbowl 13-16
Why does Dorian want to show Basil his dark soul?
1. he’s looking for acceptance
2. does it on impulse
3. human nature to tell others your problems
4. Basil was the creator

· The portrait is a reflection of what he has done, Dorian has sold his soul to the devil.
· Does Dorian have a conscience anymore?
1. He felt guilty in killing Basil which showed compassion
· It is human nature to pursue pleasure
· He is a narcissist (we looked at characteristics of narcissists online and what characteristics Dorian has)
· If people can get away with something they will do it.
· What is society’s effect on Dorian?
1. Others idealize Dorian because of his beauty.
2. What message does this send to him? ( what message has it sent to Britney Spears and other celebrities in our society)
3. No matter how much society influences Dorian, the decisions he make are still his own, and he must be held accountable for them.
· Basil tries to get Dorian to repent his sins
1. similar to Claudius from Hamlet
2. The power they have is too much, that they don’t regret their sins until it is too late.

Enjoy one more day of sleeping in! See everyone on Friday

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