Monday, November 12, 2007

Scribe for November 12, 2007

This is what we did on Monday Nov. 12.


  • · Quiz on Act 2(due Wednesday)
  • · Fishbowl for Act 2 on Friday
  • · Continue questions and conversation on the blog online
  • · Use blog for any questions you have about the reading in class
  • · Semester project

In Class

· We started off by collecting the quizzes over Act 1 assigned over the weekend.

· Then we discussed our thoughts on how the fishbowl went last Friday.

o Included some very interesting, original comments

o Tips- presenters have better time management and try to have more of a broad spectrum on the questions rather than little details. Also less restating of previous comments in discussion.

· Next we started reading Act 2 of Hamlet and distributed the 10 parts of the Act.

Thoughts while reading

  • · In the beginning Polonius is very interested in finding out what his son Laertes is doing. He indirectly wants Reynaldo to get information on what Laertes is doing.
  • · Polonius is manipulative, and not very trustworthy.
  • · Hamlet runs into the room where Ophelia is and grabs her and then leaves the room. He is trying to make Ophelia think that he is crazy. He knows that Polonius is her father and Polonius is very close to Claudius so he planned this accordingly. He can get away with more if everyone thinks he is crazy especially the King. So he thinks that through Ophelia he can accomplish this task.
  • · P.115-117 includes an important monologue that should be read carefully.

Well that’s about all we did today. Donuts Wednesday!

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brooksk said...

Wow, I just finished reading scene 2 and I am excited for the rest of the act, seriously. After reading about Hamlet's devised plans a lot of predictions popped into my head, but before I state mine I wanted to hear what you guys came up with...