Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scribe: Wednesday, November 28th

Hello class!

Today was a good day. We started off the class however with no doughnuts...

Ms. Smith wants to remind everyone to look at their grade, the end of the semester is slowly creeping up on us!

We got very far in Hamlet today, almost to the end of Act 4, read the rest for homework.

Ophelia has gone mad. She cannot handle the new loss of her father and all of the problems with Hamelt and spends a lot of this part of the play in song. It has become a general opinion in both the fish bowls and from Sam today that the women, particulary Ophelia, are at a great loss. Ophelia drowns at the end of Act four as we find out from her borther Laertes.

Claudius sends Hamlet to England and tries to arrange amoung his return for Ophelia's brother Laertes to challenge him to a fencing match where he will poison the sword and kill Hamelt. Claudius is worried that Hamelet will hurt his family name.

Meanwhile Laertes is wondering why his father was buried so "hastely" and in part blames King Claudius for the murder of his father for not watching Hamelt more carefully with the knowledge of his madness.

Some questions are still unanswered that everyone would like to know.

When will Hamlet be able to avenge his father's death?

What will come of Hamelt after he returns?

I hope that someone brings doughnuts on friday it might just have to be me!
Have a great day everyone.

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