Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scribe for November 19, 2007

Homework over the break:
Read act 3 scenes 1-4
Prepare for the fishbowl
Continue blog conversation online
Work on the semester project

What we did in class:
We met in groups at the beginning of class for the semester projects
We watched the Hamlet movie for act 3 scenes 1-4

Things discussed and questions to ponder about act 3 scenes 1-4:
Where do Hamlet's friends loyalties lie?
There were many references in the movie to the Devil. Why do you think this is?
The beginning of act 3 has one of the most famous soliloquoys ever: "to be or not to be"
A nunnery can refer to a prostetution house
What was the two way mirror in the movie symbolic of?
The motif of spying is growing. What does this say of Hamlet's society?
What is important about Claudius wanting "light" during the play?
Hamlet doesn't kill Claudius during his confession because he wants him to go to hell
Hamlet attacks and goes after his mom even though his father's spirit told him to "leave her to heaven"

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