Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scribe April 25, 2008

Hello class,

H.W. Response paper Ch. 7-12 due monday
Response paper over film due monday

  • The response paper is suppose to be an entire page
    • Topic sentence
    • Include movies
    • Connection to Brave New World
    • Motifs
    • Explanation
    • Conclusion
Mrs. Smith wont be here Monday (doesn't mean we don't have to turn in our response papers, they are still due Monday)
  • Socratic seminar Monday
    • Feel free to ask questions

Today we watch V for Vendetta directed by James Mcteigue
  • We watched the beginning and end of the movie

In the near future, Britain is ruled by a totalitarian regime, led by the Norsefire party. Evey Hammond, a young woman, is rescued from harassment by state police by a masked vigilante who introduces himself as "V". V then takes Evey to a rooftop location to witness his spectacular destruction of the Old Bailey, . The regime explains the incident to the public as a planned demolition, but this is shown to be a lie when V takes over the state-run British Television Network (BTN) the same day. He broadcasts a message urging the people of Britain to rise up against the oppressive government on November 5 ; one year from that day, when V says he will destroy the House of Parliament.

the next scene we watched
As November the fifth nears, V's various schemes cause chaos in Britain and the population grows more and more intolerant and subversive towards government authority. On the eve of November 5, Evey again visits V, who shows her a subway train that he has filled with explosives in order to destroy Parliament through an explosion in the abandoned London Underground. He delegates the destruction of Parliament to Evey, believing that the ultimate decision was not his to make, but hers. He then leaves to meet Party leader Creedy, who, as part of an earlier agreement, has agreed to bring V the Chancellor in exchange for V's surrender. Creedy kills the Chancellor in front of V, but V does not surrender. He takes a barrage of bullets from a dozen men, and remains standing thanks to a hidden armour plate he is wearing. He then proceeds to kill Creedy's men before they can reload, then strangles Creedy himself despite being shot six more times - just as he promised. V, mortally wounded in the fight, returns to Evey. He confesses his love to her, thanks her, and then dies. Evey then places his body upon the train with the explosives.

Have a good weekend

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