Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday April 9, 2008 Sribe

Jackie and Emily started the class off right by bring Lamars donuts! I may be speaking for the class but I think those are the class favorite.
After everyone had their donuts, Ms. Smith wanted to answer some last minute comprehenison questions to make sure that we understood the basic gist of what we were assingened to read. We found that A.F. in the novel stood for After Ford, the current time period. Also, the reasons why the babies were shocked when they approached the books and flowesrs was a part of conditioning. Each social class had a seperate way of conditioning the new "members" of the class. The higher classes used things like hypnopaedia to educate the young while they sleep, as opposed the the previously mention techniques used by the lower classes.

After the brief discussion we immeadiately began work on a project involving understanding the London hatchery and the process of standardization in the "New World."

Below is an image of the intructions sheet we used for the project. The bottom of the first page has two questions to answer, and the second page is the back side which has the rest fo the questions. All questions are due Friday, but only one sheet is needed per group. Also, the picture of the selected room or process is due with these questions

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