Monday, April 21, 2008

Scribe Wed 4/16

Hey Everybody!

Today was of course a Wednesday and therefore a doughnut day and Ms. Smith was very excited to get her sugar high which led into our Socratic Seminar quite nicely as we put great focus on the value of mind altering substances in Brave New World during the first 6 chapters.

Notes from the discussion
Soma ensures that people don’t have thoughts that could be destructive to society
Soma makes you numb to your surroundings much like alcohol or marijuana do in today’s
In modern society we medicate for everything
The prevalence of drugs in BNW is similar to that the film Equilibrium
Huxley’s ideas of the promiscuity of sex were beyond his time
Current society’s focus on sexual suggestion reflects that of BNW
Did the removal of the family system bring about the sexual promiscuity of BNW?
All people follow a single religion praising Ford, but is that nothing more than praising
technology, consumerism and efficiency?
The Solidarity Service is comparable to modern church
My biggest question
How big of a role did the “9 years war” play in reshaping the world psyche as there is no longer
hostility between races, sexes or original nationalities?

Our Homework was to finish our Montages by Friday.

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