Monday, April 7, 2008

Scribe for April 07

We started off class today with a visit from Mikela and Philip. Today was the day they interviewed some of our fellow class members. Mikela thanked us for being part of this experiment!

What we did in class:
Finished satire presentations
Some of the were pretty humorous. Actually they all were, we had good laughs.
Pavlovian activity
Iain was Smith's victim to show us the directions.
Then we were off to try by ourselves.
Directions: Choose who will be the guinea pig and who will be the experimenter. (In a group of two)
Then have the guniea pig sit in a desk and take their pulse. The experimenter must then catch the g.p off guard, yell their name, and bang three to four times on something. Then g.p takes their pulse. Then this happens once more. After this the g.p must get their pulse to their first pulse rate. Then experimenter does everything before except this time the g.p has to hop on one leg for thirty seconds after. Checking pulse each time, and then do it two more times. And then go back to first thing; name, band, and pulse. We had to record all the pulse rates.

Read chapter 1-2 for Brave New World. Due Wednesday.
Read chapter 3-4 for Brave New World. Due Friday.

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