Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scribe for Monday, April 28

Monday, April 28, 2008

We had a sub today, Mrs. Ritzdorf. We also turned in our ticket for the fishbowl of chapters 7-12 and the summary response paper to the movie clips that we originally watched on Friday.

Brooks was the lucky duck who was put in charge of the seminar!

Important points of the Fishbowl
What is the significance of Shakespeare’s quotes in the novel?
-Passion of society leads it down a path of bad thoughts
-Quotes are used as a reference
-Thought of love and death
-From the Tempest (the title) separates the people into specific groups
-Shows its timelessness
-John is the tragic hero who is Huxley’s Romeo
-Bernard is Juliet’s cousin (shows the jealous trait)
-John and Humholdz friendship to Shakespeare’s
Significance of Religion
-Idea of being alone
-p.136 “He discovered Time, Death and God.”
-People don’t have time to reflect or be alone
-Why is time capitalized?
-p. 137 He wanted to know what it was like to be crucified
-Is Huxley using religion as an escape? More everlasting than soma
-Time to yourself
-Bernard and John- notice the need to be alone and see by doing so
They realize what society has become
What is socially acceptable?
What do the colors mean?
-Sense of emotion and individuality

p. 148 Hemholdz- follows thoughts to be different
-Bernard is a catalyst for John’s approval of man kind
-Threat makes him change his mind
-Instill Fear
-Greater talents
-able to lead people
-creates a new norm
-lead others in a particular way
-one person with talent should be punished so that they
don’t influence others
-Follow Leaders
-A leader becomes a target of those who are threatened
-poses a threat to society
-step up to position with a leader
-Harrison Berger (Ray Bradbury)
-Short story
-Restrain Talents
-Prevent a talented person to excel
-A leader doesn’t get rid of all the problems
-Political- Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein
-Better to have one suffer than to have all suffer
Why bring the savage back?
-Bernard is using John to go back into society
-Is John using Bernard to gain a follower?

1939-How many predictions have come true?
1. Cloning (genetic Engineering)
2. Sex (PDA) (sex sells)
3. Drugs
4. Technology (taking over society)

What prevents (if anything) the kind of negative consequence that Huxley foretells?
The Individual

Semester Project!

See you all on Wednesday!

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