Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scribe october 10th, 2007

Hey everyone! so today we had a late start day, We talked briefly about the dodgeball tournament and the classes great enthusiasm.
- We started off by talking about how to work Google docs for our final project that well make the rubric for next week, to get on Google doc you use and the best part is that it's free!!!
- For the rest of the hour we read background information on the Canterbury Tales pg. 75-88, 99-104 we took some notes on these pages but mainly just talked as a class about them
-You need to know the four centuries of change on page. 82.
-we got a purple packet on Canterbury tales that helps us see the class pyramid in Britain, the 7 cardinal virtues, 7 deadly sins and so much more make sure you get this!!!
- We also talked about our modern day pilgrimage project that were going to start on friday and we also get monday yo work on this. It's groups of 3-4 and it due on wed the the 17th. we also got a hand out on the guide lines of this project.
-Don't forget the college scholarship project is due Monday.
-Oh and Lee didn't bring donuts!!!

I hope this was helpful, Jake

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