Wednesday, October 17, 2007

scribe- Oct. 17 2007

Today is Wednesday 10.17.07
Today we had a very shortened day because juniors all had to take the PSAT! yay

Our Homework:
~React to blog posting about final project!!!
~Turn in the reality check letter to Ms. Smith, if not already done
~Bring our big book on Monday
~Enjoy the super long weekend

Here is what we did in class:
~We discussed parent teacher conferences, how they revolve around what you learn not just grades
~Our assignments for the oh say 20 minutes were
-reflection including:
^asses what you have learned so far in class
^where do you want to be at the end of the semester?
^How will you get there?
^How can Ms. Smith help?
^message to your parents
-Reality Check/Was Up? 411 haha
^ write a little letter or note to Ms. Smith telling her
how life is going for ya
~ We spent the whole time working on those 2 assignments and eating doughnuts.
~Last we turned in our projects and Ms. Smith posted them on the wall
~Thats all for our day! woo hoo 4 day weekend

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