Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scribe for Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello Class! I realize that I am posting this blog a day too late and I sincerely apologize to those of you responsible people who tried to look up the scribe for yesterday, Monday the 29th, because here it is on Tuesday, the 30th.

HOMEWORK: Locker Tag (tag with a long "A"), Hamlet books (buy your own if you want to), and of course, the Final Project.

So moving on.... At the beginning of class on monday, we all voiced our frustration of the fact that it is not a wednesday, therefor we had no doughnuts to soothe the roaring of our hungry stomachs. It was a little annoying, but we look forward to the doughnuts on Wednesday.

Ms. Smith then started off class with the explanation of our Fischbowl projects we will be presenting for our Hamlet unit, which will cover the rest of our first semester in English Lit. The requirements of the Fischbowl include but are not limited to...
  1. Find Critical Analysis of text
  2. List of in depth/though provoking questions over section
  3. Everyone in the group participates
  4. Typed Syllabus
  5. College-Level prep class = college-level discussion
  7. We should be learning Hamlet better through each discussion
  8. Presenters need to post a blog question after class that everyone in the outer circle will answer by the next class period
  9. 5 leaders, 5 discussers, 2 open chairs, while the outer circle live blogs
  10. The Hamlet blog will be featured on this blog page
  11. The only way for discussers to earn points for the day is by participating in the "inner circle" discussion

After the cryteria for the Fischbowl was presented, we then signed up for a specified date to present and discuss (seperate days with different people).

The Sign-up list included:

  • Act 1 - Nov. 9
  • Presenters: Brooks, Joe, Michael M, Kyle B, Sam T
  • Discussers: Jackie, Soo
    • Act 2 - Nov. 16
    • Presenters: Soo, Emily L, Jackie, Ryan F, Leigh
    • Discussers: Brooks, Allie, Emilie, Sam T, Dan
    • Act 3 - Nov. 26
    • Presenters: Weems, Iain, Steven D, Dan, Jake
    • Discussers: Joe R, Emily L, Shaina, Rebecca R, Karm
    • Act 4 - Dec. 3
    • Presenters: Shaina, Allie, Emilie, Emily H, Charlie P
    • Discussers: Melinda, Sam E, Kacey, Ashley B
    • Act 5 - Dec. 12
    • Presenters: Melinda, Sam E, Ashley B, Kacey, Courtney
    • Discussers: Ryan B, Leigh, Ryan F
    • Act 6 - Dec. 14
    • Presenters: Rebecca R, Karm, Ryan B
    • Discussers: Kyle B, Courtney

    We then checked out Hamlet books (it was pretty exciting to say the least).

    After sign-up we had the option of working on our Canterbury Tales Locker Tags (which are due on friday), or our final semester (grade-less) projects for the rest of the hour.

    Again, I apologize for the late scribe, but better late than never! See you all tomorrow in class!

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