Sunday, October 7, 2007

Scribe for Friday, October 5th

Ms. Smith started out class with the exhilarating story about her painful ovarian cist, which prevented her from running for several aggravating days and caused her to miss class on Wednesday.

Next we went over the homework, which is to prepare a note card for the Beowulf test on Monday. The test will be two in-class essays on relating Beowulf to the Anglo-Saxon culture and whether or not he fits the four stages of a hero. These stages are still available on Ms. Smith’s website. Remember that the note card should be concise, with a few points and an outline. The college scholarships are due October 15, and the Modern Pilgrimage Project will be due October 17.

We will be starting the Middle Ages unit on Wednesday.

Then we….

1. Circled the wagon

2. Went over cantos 12 and 13 (this was our homework from Wednesday)

3. Finished reading Beowulf together as a class

4. Discussed these last cantos

5. Went over the four stages of a hero

· We all gave examples for each stage and whether or not Beowulf follows them (this is what one of the test questions will be)

6. Anglo-Saxon recap

· Does Beowulf represent this culture?

· Remember for your essay… women, animism, Celtic aspects, oral tradition/poetry, Herot hall (gathering place), loyalty gained through leadership, and of course Christianity.

Obviously this was a very exciting conclusion to the Beowulf unit. Good look to all of you on your test on Monday.

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