Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Scribe-Wednesday Oct. 3rd

Michael brought donuts today. They tasted great.


  • read Cantos 12-13 of Beowulf for Friday
  • Focus on essay questions while reading Beowulf
  • Scholarships due 10/15
  • If you have not already, set up a conference with Mrs. Smith about your college essay.
  • Scribe

Lesson Plan
We had a substitute today so the quiz turned into a group quiz. We got into groups of three people and took out one sheet of paper for the group. The quiz was over Beowulf cantos 1-11. The quizzes were then graded by other groups in the class after you switched papers. After that was time for the students to get reading done in Beowulf. We are supposed to read cantos 12-13 for Friday focusing on the essay questions that we will do at the end of the reading. They involve how this story relates to Anglo-Saxon culture as well as how Beowulf fits the 4 stages of a journey for a hero.

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