Monday, October 22, 2007

Scribe - October 22, 2007


-Begin prologue, read 101-112 up to the Friar
-Locker Tag assignment is due November 2
-Canterbury essay question is to apply 4 elements of the Middle Ages to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (test October 29)

What we did in class:

-Went over Locker Tag assignment and rubric
-Got into groups for the Locker Tag assignment
-Read pages 101-112 in the English Literature book

Things we discussed on the reading:

-It was translated from middle English to modern English by Neville Coghill
-Christianity was moving away from the government because of the death of Saint Thomas a Becket
-Chivalry, battle, and religion were major parts of life in the Middle Ages
-There was a Feudal system/structure that locked people into castes (like father like son)
-The author shows how the church has become corrupt through the selfishness of the friar, monk, and nun (they spend the money collected from people)

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