Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scribe for October 24, 2007

Hello class, here is what happened this lovely day in Ms. Smith's 4th Hour English World Lit class:

I. New Seats
A. Everyone decided that Smith's computer generated seating chart was not suitable and we picked our own new seats.
1. Brooks obviously sits by Joe and Weems obviously sits by Iain.
II. Shaina entered with hands full of Krispy Kreme donuts
III. Homework
A. Locker Tag Assignment
B. Comment on blogs
1. Our own class blog about the final if you haven’t done so
2. comment about the conferences
3. Have your parents create a blogger account to comment on the conference blog on learning and laptops as well
a) example parent blogger account: BrooksKmom
IV. Circle wagons to read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
A. The Merchant
1. The merchant is a conman and an expert at exchanges
2. He looks put together and quite well off but is really in a lot of debt
B. The Oxford Cleric
1. Spends all of his money on learning
2. No preferment in the church
3. “Borrows” money from his friends for books but pays them back only with a thank you or teaching
4. Concern and want for educations shows rise in middle class
C. Sergeant at the Law
1. Older and quite educated in line of business
2. Appears busy but is really just creating busy work to look occupied
3. Always gives black and white answers to questions of law
4. Hold a lot of power, people come to him for answers
5. Line of business has arisen with the emergence of the middle class because he needs to settle the disputes among the new landowners
D. The Franklin
1. Well-to-do landowner
2. Part of the government, holds power
3. Wealthy
4. Lives to please himself and his guests
a) Always has food and wine that are the best of the best
5. A view of what the middle class wants to emerge into
E. Townspeople
1. Their wives are making them call them “Madame”

F. Cook
1. Makes amazing food
2. Gross nasty open sore on knee
G. Skipper
1. From the rough and tough town of Dartmouth
2. Like a pirate
3. Used to traveling of the sea but is now having to awkwardly ride a horse on this pilgrimage
H. Doctor
1. Very well educated about medicine
2. In it for the money
3. Has a deal to split profits with the apothecaries
4. Health freak that won’t eat anything unless it is completely beneficial to his body and health
I. Woman from Bath
1. Represents women gaining power, wealth, and land
2. Gap teeth is a symbol for being bold for love
3. 5 husbands, married them all in the church
4. Religious but a little hypocritical about it
5. Pompous
J. Parson
1. Strong church and society leader
2. Does what he says people should to in his preaching
3. Believes that everyone is good and will end up in Heaven unless they are stubborn in not believing in the Christian way
4. Nothing bad to say about him
5. Represents commandments and the values of the society
K. Plowman
1. Good citizen
2. Doing work simply so that he can help out, doesn’t want pay
3. Parson’s brother
V. With the remainder of class we met BREIFLY with our locker tag groups

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brooksk said...

Smith, I think that what you are moving towards for conferences is exactly what educators need to do to be successful and to focus the parent's attention towards learning, not the grade. Grades have evolved into a very statistical and numerical evaluation; in other words, it is not accurately portraying a student's comprehension of material; most of the time. Although this would seem an obvious statement to most people, parents are still only focusing on the grade. Whether that has to do with the fact that parents sometimes believe grades really are an accurate portrayal or if parents superficially see grades as the best way for us to succeed in life. But I think that Smith, by this method, YOU ARE SENDING THE RIGHT MESSAGE! NOT FOR SCHOOL, BUT FOR LIFE WE LEARN!!!!!! (I tangent off of this in my blog about the no-grade final, check it out on learningandlaptops or the blog on smithewl0708).