Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday, January 25,2008

Hello Everyone!!.. Today was a short class because of the assembly, and we were pretty busy..

First of all, we started class by writing down our homework for this weekend:
  • Commenting on our latest blog: What are the greatest wrongs people can commit? Why? and What punishments/ consequences should fit these wrongs?
  • Make sure to print your own copy of Dante's text, if you haven't yet. Which you can find on Ms. Smith's page, and don't forget to read the first nine pages of it. Take notes.
  • Also feel free to continue commenting on the blog: Why does a just and good God allow Evil to exist? Their are some great ideas and great feedbacks commented by our fellow classmates on there, and its awesome. Good job guys.
  • Start writing your ideas about our NG project and visualize how you will create your own.

If you want to be ahead- develop a clear rationale for your thinking about the Hypothetical situation.

  1. How have the texts, songs, videos, etc... affected your thinking? Support and defend your answer.
  2. As you create Hypothetical situation, how will you use this background information?
  3. Make sure in your Hypothetical situation, that you explain, defend your structure, placement and decisions either in paper format or included in your presentation.

If your not going to the winter dance, your bored and you have nothing else to do... you can start working on your monday hw. Which is to finish Dante background notes, ideas for NG project, canto one. And start looking at compass--> who, what, where and why<-- Plus check out the site that Ms. Smith showed us today- Its the site of "Where in hell do you belong". It helps us give a colorful look on what hell looks like and shows different types of hell. There are 9 layers of hell. We wrote down some notes today in class:

  1. Limbo-Virtuous Pagans and Unbaptized Babies, Virgil exist
  2. Lustfull- Creature name Minos- how ever many tails he curls, thats what stage you go
  3. Gluttonous- Dante leaves sinners here and they can see the past and future but never the present
  4. Prodigal- People who have extreme wealth and they give their wealth to each other back and forth for eternity
  5. Wrathful- Extreme anger, Extreme Sadness, (Rivers of Styx)
  6. Heretics- (City of Dis)
  7. Violent- Neighbor (Plegethon), Self (Wood of Suicides)
  8. Fraudulent- Seducers, Simonists, Diviners, Grafters, Hypocrites and so on
  9. Treacherous- Kin (Cain) Lord (Lucifer)

On work days- Planning and talking... use Mikayla and Philip and ask them any questions that you have in mind because they are a great resource and ask Ms. Smith as well because she is semi- good. And like Ms. Smith said in class " The sky is the limit". Think BIG! Go BEYOND!

By the way.. Ms. Smith and Mr. Krause did a fantastic job dancing today!! And the rest of the teachers!

Have a Good Weekend Guys!!

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