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Scribe- January 11, 2007

Hello, hope everyone has had a nice weekend and hope Smith did well on her half-marathon.

Homework: Finish stories, reaction paper due Monday about Hell. Remember 1 1/2 pages. double spaced, strong topic sentence statement connecting visuals of movies, art, and songs with personal commentary.

First, Smith collected the National Geographic signed sheets.... If you forgot the sheet turn it in on Monday. Smith has a folder on her desk so you can turn it in to her. Please do this as soon as possible.

For the majority of the class we listened to the songs referencing Hell.
Song #1-- Seven Deadly Sins, by Flogging Molly. Brief overview-- the music video has images of the devil and fire was always in the background. They were on a ship and the water surrounding them was actually fire. Connections/Questions-- what are the 7 deadly sins.
Song #2-- The Devil Went Down to Georgia, by Charlies Daniel Band. Connections/Questions-- Think about the devil trying to steal souls.
Song #3-- Crossroads, by Eric Clapton. Connections/Questions--What are the crossroads where you meet the devil? What are the crossroads in heaven and hell?
Song #4-- Highway to Hell, by AC/DC. The guitarist never stopped moving his head, I can't believe that guy still has any brain funciton.
Song #5--Hells Bells, by AC/DC. For both of the AC/DC songs look over the lyrics, they often describe the qualities of the people who are said to go to hell. Connections/Questions-- What are they saying about the qualities these people have?

For the last fifteen minutes of class we read short stories about creationism.
Story #1-- The Rig Veda and the Brhadaranijka Upanishad. Remember to relate to other creation stories and think about personal beliefs.
Story #2-- Hopi: Spider Woman. Ideas- evil comes from bad magic, symbolic of people--Why, youth and echo? We didn't finish this story so we must finish at home.

Most significant quote from the day and something to think about- "You can't have light without darkness."

Enjoy I hope these help everyone who wasn't there or needs a reminder.

Joe R

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