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JANUARY 18, 2008

Scribe January 18, 2008

Shared our visuals in a nice big circle.

BLOG. This is a serious subject that can be very sensitive for some people. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow evil to exist? Please check the blog more then once.. some conversation may spark from your comment. Please answer this question in two ways… personally/religiously and intellectually based on what we have read in class.
Print Dante text from the website.

Next Week:
Monday—NO SCHOOL!!!
Wednesday- Meet in the library computer lab and don’t be late! We are meeting Mikela and Philip from National Geographic. Mr. Booth will also be there that day so make Ms. Smith look good. Don’t be shy around Mikela and Philip, introduce yourself. They will be introducing the platform for our big project. Don’t forget to be patient with technology especially if something goes wrong.
Friday- ASSEMBLY DAY with short classes. NEED DANTE PRINT OUT TODAY! This will be the first day of reading.

Weems did a photo story about hell. He defined hell and put pictures to each part of the definition. Comments: Liked how it was outlined. Liked the picture of the angel in hell.

Joe drew a picture of a ying-yang with the balance being a dove on the hell side and a pitchfork on the heaven side. Comments: Liked the dove and pitchfork switch... Most people forget about that part of the ying-yang, it represents Lucifer in Heaven. The dove brings light into hell.

Jackie drew a picture the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The roots to the tree go down into hell. Hell is shown bruning under Adam and Eve. Comments: Liked the choices bar shown between heaven and hell. Liked how it all blended and connected together, like a ying-yang.

Sue made a photo story representing heaven and hell and things that can make people go to hell, like lust and greed. Comments: Liked the part about the things that make people bad, corruptions. Liked how all cultures and religions were represented. Heaven vs. other afterlives.

Ian made a power point he used song lyrics from songs looked at in class with stories and pictures representing the lyrics. Evolution was also shown. Comments: Liked how pictures related to the text.

Emily H. made a collage showing polar sides, heaven vs. hell, showed qualities of religion. Comments: Liked the college and the polar sides.

Rebecca made a collage with a ying-yang in the center with everything connecting to it. Temptation was represented. Comments: Liked ying-yang, you can’t have good with out bad or light without dark.

Tucker made a photo story about his feelings on human being initially good or bad. He chose bad. Our society leads us to hell. If we all died today everyone would go to hell. Comments: People are not willing to accept corruption. Human is bad because God is not present. Why else would bad things happen?

Brooks made a photo story with a picture from the movie Legend. Comments: Light then dark picture organization. Nature represented as good, things we do represented as bad, an example is 9-11.

Ryan F. made a power point, but sadly it did not work because of Mac vs. Dell computer trouble. Instead he told us about it. It was about journeys that compare and contrast two choices, choices that set you apart. Comments: You control your destiny because you make your own decisions. Its not a mistake you make but a path you take. Like you should dance when no one is watching, do it for yourself.

Dustin drew a picture of a faceless person in the middle being stretched between heaven and hell. Comments: Liked the stretching in both directions. And liked how eyes were only represented in hell.

Emma made a fold out collage. On the good side there were happy things including Adam and Eve, a baby, all innocent to start. In the middle crossroads. Things we do on the bad side, like stealing money. Comments: Liked the crossroads.

Melinda made a picture book with alternating heaven and hell pictures. Comments: Liked representation of the world having both light and dark and alternating pictures.

Katherine represented heaven and hell with a slide to hell (it is easy to get there) and a ladder to heaven (harder to get there). Comments: Simple picture, but strong meaning.

Sam created a painting of a hand (the devils hand) coming out if earth, open for choices. Comments: Liked how the hand was reaching for heaven, but it couldn’t reach far enough.

Dan C. made a collage. Are humans good or bad? Family is good, society is bad. Comments: Liked the background color of red then purple then blue. Purple is the balance.

Alex F. drew a picture with a path in the middle with God on one side and the devil on the other. Each had one angel wing and one demonic wing representing the good and evil in all of us. Comments: Liked how it was represented that the one who is evil came from God.

Alex B. made a college and on the good side everything was black and white, on the bad side society was represented. Comments: Liked the faceless people. They sway our decisions. Liked the black and white.

Emily L. Made a 3-D picture of heaven earth and hell. Stairs to heaven and hell but it is easier to go down stairs then to go up. Comments: Liked the 3-D. Liked the commentary of the people in the picture.

Cecily represented earth with a people looking deep in though with a kid looking content representing honesty. In heaven religious symbols were represented. Comments: Liked how the child represented honesty.

Well that was all of the projects we got through today.. hopefully there will be the rest to come.

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