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In class today, people had the case of the Monday’s. Not much happened over the weekend except for Emily had another car accident, and everyone was tired from the dance. Ms. Smith tried to rid the Mondays out of us, but her jokes were not enough to battle the beginning of the week. Our homework is to think of ideas for our national geographic project. We will be in the computer lab next week so be prepared. We started off class by discussing the blog. Katherine G. said that the greatest sin is refusing the gift of life, Rebecca said addiction is man’s greatest weakness whether it be drugs, food , or personality. Jackie mentioned the seven sins and stated along the lines of if you don’t accept God’s forgiveness for your sins then that is man’s greatest fault. Brooks said to not forgive others, or holding things against people is man’s greatest weakness. We continued through class by taking the rest of Dante’s notes on hell and the following questions came up: Why are interest rates in the 7th level? Are some sins worst then others, in our minds, but in a lower level in Dante’s hell? What are OK wrongs? Ms. Smith made note of the number three and how it is repeatedly used. Ex: 3 lines per stanza, three animals, three women, three names for the devil, and the father, son and holy spirit. When we discussed the back round reading a few questions came up. Tucker brought up the point of is the punishments in hell sever enough or would you get use to it? Brooks wanted to know about the windmill reference to the devil and it about how mechanical he is. Emily wondered about the relationship between Dante and Beatrice, Dante’s first love. Another question that brought up was, would if you only did one of these ‘sins’, it was not a repeated offence, what would happen to you? Why is Dante allowed to go into hell? Dante is allowed to go into hell because god makes it possible. This makes Menos mad, but what we see is that god has power in hell. He was also supposed to tell of what he saw. We have the yellow ribbon assembly tomorrow here is the bell schedule and the notes that we took in class on Dante
Schedule for Tuesday, January 29th
Report to 1st Period Class 7:21 Dismissal from class at 7:25
Assembly 7:30- 8:15
Period 1
8:20 – 9:09
Period 2 9:14 – 10:03
Period 3 10:08 – 10:57
1st Lunch 10:57 – 11:32

Period 4 11:37 – 12:26
Period 4 11:02 – 11:51
2nd Lunch 11:51 – 12:26
Period 5 12:31 – 1:20

Period 6 1:25 – 2:16
Notes on Dante
Levels of hell (top is best, bottom worst): light= reason, no light= no reason
**Numbers= levels of hell, dashes=obstacles**
--The river Acheron. Charon= ferryman
1. Limbo (purgatory). Shades and Virgil reside here. Also unbaptized and those that come before Christ.
-- Minos decides to what level you go.
2. Lustful. Ex. Cleopatra.
3. Gluttonous. Can see past and future but not present. Continually rains.
4. Avaricious and prodigal. Shove wealth against each other.
5. Wrathful and sullen. Lie in black mud creating gurgling sounds. Attack and bite their own bodies.
--River Styx (i.e. Mr. Roboto)
--Wall of Dis. 3 furies at gate, gates open b/c of heaven’s decree, city of tombs, flames in open graves.
6. Heretics. Believers in temporal happiness.
--Phlegethon. River of blood. Minotaur: guard of this circle. Centaurs: shoot arrows at shades who try to come to surface.
The violent.
--Against others.
--Against self, i.e. suicide. Body becomes tree (“wood of suicide”). Harpies tear at trees.
--Against God: blasphemers, sodomites, usurers. Area of burning sand rains flames, stream of flowing blood. Where Dante receives warning of his future.
Fraud. 10 groups called Bolgia.
--Pimps and seducers. Ex. Jason. Lashed with enormous whips.
--Flatterers. Wallow in excrement.
--Simonists. Named after Simon who tried to buy the holy spirit. Upside down in a hole where feet stick out and are engulfed in flames. Known as “perverted Baptism”.
--Soothsayers: Diviners, astrologers and magicians. For ex., Tiresias. Distorted bodies.
--Grafters. Gamblers. Lake with boiling tar.
--Hypocrites. Wear cloaks lined with lead and must walk steadily.
--Thieves. Serpents chase after them.
--Deceivers or fraudulent counselors. Flames burn all around and within each flame is a soul.
--Sowers of scandal and schism. Shades are torn apart only to heal again and be ripped apart another time.
--Forgers. Falsifiers of metals (alchemists), persons (falsifiers) and words (counterfeits). Sinners plagued with different illnesses, for ex. leprosy, thirst.
Treachery. Agiant sheet of ice.
--Caina: Traitor to kin. Frozen in ice with only face above to show pain.
--Antenora: traitors to country, city, or political party.
--Ptolemea: traitors to guests. Sinners frozen with head above eyes, eyes frozen with tears.
--Judecca: Traitors to masters/ lords. Bodies alive on earth, but possessed by demons.
--Cocytus. Separates Lucifer from
--Lucifer (“light bearer”): Body half frozen, wings like a bat that continually flap. 3 faces, each stuffed with a traitor:
1. Red: mocks primal love with hatred (Judas).
2. Yellow: parodies divine power with weakness (Cassius).
3. Black: perverting highest wisdom with ignorance ( Brutus)
To exit hell: must climb down hairy Lucifer to center of earth at which point you will begin climbing back up.

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