Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Superb Scribe! Wednesday 9/12/2007

Hello all! So this is the scribe for today, September 12, 2007! Enjoy.

  • The class period started out today with a brief absence of Smith, in which we pondered as to her whereabouts. Our worst fears were cleared however, when she returned to tell us just how frustrated she was at homecoming week, because events such as Prom and Homecoming, are in fact called extra-curricular activities for a reason. She pointed out that we attend school for a reason, sometimes referred to as "learning", and therefor should not focus our energy on these other activities. (We'll be hearing the so dubbed "Homecoming Speech" in it's entirety on Friday).
  • We then discussed the whereabouts of our 3 missing students, Ali, Leigh, and Steven, and came to the conclusion that Leigh was just MIA, Steven's at Virginia Tech, and Ali is either getting her appendix removed or she's just clumsy.
  • Miss Emily then asked about the online college essays because her essay has no comments on it. Smith had the brilliant idea of listing on the scribe the titles of the essays that need comments on them. So, here are the lists of essays that need some constructive comments:
  • Smith 21 - "My Crossroads in Life - College Essay"
  • Smith 13 - "Goals for Life"
  • Smith 11 - "Search for Identity"
  • Smith 2 - "Who I am"
  • Smith 7
  • Smith 23 - "Christ Follower"
  • "Second Chance"
  • Smith 26? - "Who am I?"
    • The class then voted on what we would be accomplishing in class for the day and then on Friday. The following options were voted on:

    A: To finish reading Oedipus in class and work in our groups on Friday

    B: To split the days into part reading, and part group work

    C: (Brooks' choice) To finish reading Oedipus outside of class, and work in groups for the entirety of both class periods

    D: (Sam's brilliant idea) To work in groups today and to read on Friday

    • We decided democratically by majority vote on option "D", and therefor will be reading Oedipus in class on Friday.

    A little something about Smith: She's a passionate fan of the Television series "Seinfeld"

    I hope you all enjoyed my scribing, and if anyone has any questions, just post and I'll try to answer any question to the best of my abilities. Thanks!

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