Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's a great day to be a Warrior

Hello class! As you read in the scribe from Monday, Ms. Smith was not here (and it was sad), and we looked for scholarships for our project that is due MONDAY OCTOBER 15 (which also happens to be the other day I'm scribing)

HOMEWORK: FINISH OEDIPUS PROJECTS. MAKE THEM A+ PRESENTATIONS. EVERYONE IS PRESENTING THIS FRIDAY. Sign up for a conference to grade your college essay with Ms. Smith by Sept. 27. Work on your scholarship search and applications.

I'll try out the bulleted list for what we did today...
  1. We ate delicious donuts that Jacob and Steven brought. Thank you, gentlemen.
  2. We turned in our Oedipus is a Hero essay tests
  3. We got out laptops to follow along with Mrs. Lewallen as we searched for scholarships
  4. Mrs. Lewallen left and we had the rest of the hour to look around on our own

Here is what we learned about scholarships:

  • Fastweb has tons of scholarships, but everyone who has a Fastweb account is also competing for them, which means you have to fight about one thousand other people for the money, which can be difficult, so instead we went to...
  • Naviance (AHS page - For Students - link on the left side of page) has a list of scholarships that are local (which means that they will be a teeny bit easier to get)
  • If you don't have a Naviance account, you need to go set one up in the Post-Grad Center
  • Go to Scholarship List under About College, and you will find a list of scholarships that are marked for if they are need or merit based, if they require an essay, and if community service is needed to apply. It is a rather fantastic thing that saves a lot of time.
  • Most of the scholarships have online applications, but if you need one, you can get one for any of the scholarships listed from the Post-Grad Center. Additionally, when you click on a scholarship, the description page usually has a link to the actual web page and/or a contact address. USE THE CONTACT ADDRESS! They are useful.
  • The Peak Achievement scholarship we looked at was for Univ. of Wyoming, but Mrs. Lewallen didn't really like that one... A scholarship she did like, though, was the Student Integrity scholarship. It's local, and the website has a very extensive list of contact information.
  • "Be aggressive when you apply for scholarships". Just do it.

Other resources you can use to find scholarships can be found if you go to AHS page, Guidance Center, Post-Grad Center, and then World Wide Web Resources. It has a long list of sites you can use.

If you weren't here today, you are lucky, because the laptops were being... unhelpful to at least 6 people today. I went through five before I found one that had enough battery, agreed to let me log on, and didn't have a screen that had been flipped upside down. Other people had some issues with the internet connection (even though signal strength was supposedly high) and battery levels...

Don't forget, this Friday we are presenting our Oedipus projects instead of doing the test because, of course, we have all already done it. Please make them good. We have no excuse for a bad one, because we got four extra days to work on it, and plus, we owe it to Ms. Smith for even giving us those days.

Blog me if you have any questions! emilyl :>

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