Monday, September 17, 2007

Scribe For Monday September 17th

To begin class Ms. Smith gave us two options to vote on which were about our modernized plays. The option which the majority of the class voted on was to work on our plays during class and then perform them on Friday, and get our essay question which we would take home and write and bring on Wensday.

Essay question: How does Oedipus fit the definition of a hero? Using the stages of the journey to explain. You can find the power point on Smith's web page titled hero. You should inclued a paragraph for eath stage, and your paper should be no more than three pages long. Once again the essay is due Wensday.

College Essays: Ms. Smith was having difficulties grading our essay's and as a class we decided that we would sign up for a conference by September 27th so that you could discuss your grade and learn what you did well and what you good improve on.

Wensday: Ms. Smith will not be at school. We will be looking up scholarships online, we must research and apply to 5 scholarships by October 15th. Also, you must print off application and what you sent in to turn in.

We were then given time to meet with our groups and polish our performances and at the end of class we watched one perfomance

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