Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007

I. English World Literature
A. Introduction
1. Hope you like the concise format
2. Any questions, post them and I will answer to the best of my ability
3. Today was a great day to learn and Momma Smith was ready for it too.

B. Donuts
1. Lamar's Donuts distributed by Bobkowski, our hockey stud, and they were enormous donuts.
2. Ate in front of classroom away from laptops.
3. Wiped down with cleansing wipes to take glaze off our typing fingers, which later on would type upon the laptop keyboard.

C. College Essay
1. Go To Smith's Web Page, click on College Essay Link, sign in with Blogger account
-Blogger is owned by Google, Smith has hypothesized that Google will rule our world someday.
2. When signing in, you will be asked for a nickname. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME! Youwill put "Smith#" (Your number corresponds with assigned numbers, if you need it talk to Momma Smith).
3. Once signed in, select College Essay Tab on Right Hand side. Underneath tab, an option will appear (add new page). Select this link to insert your own college essay onto the website.
4. From here you can copy and paste your finely polished and edited college essay. ADD YOUR SMITH NICKNAME TO THE END OF YOUR TITLE, THIS IS GOING TO BE ANONYMOUS!!!
5. Once completed, publish it and you will see it appear on the entire board of essays.
6. If you have any questions, please post!!!

D. Oedipus
1. We read through page 46 (I believe), we have heard Jocasta talk of why she doesn't believe in prophecies and summarize the prophecy of her doomed child. At this point, Oedipus' knees began to tremble in fear and his heart had dropped into the pocket of his stomach where his stomach had contracted into a twist which would crush his soul. At this point, his head span and the realization that this story was true of him hit him like a golf ball crack to the back of his head (As of last week I know how he feels). He now sends for a surviving witness to return to the kingdom so he can for once and for all decipher whether he truly has cursed himself to exile and death.
2. It was way legit and was an intense scene, even if you are too lazy to read for the grade, read for the edge-o-your-seat intensity thats about to rock the blood around in your head and your heart.

E. Homework
1. Refine college essay, post online by Friday.
2. Comment on five other essays (from Davis/Gaffney's classes ONLY!!!) by next Wednesday.
3. See Ms. Smith to take the oath of constructive criticism on blogging. There are serious parameters you must take and Ms. Smith would love to hear that you solemnly swear you can withhold society's Blogger criticism values. By the way, if she is lookin' down, gloomy, or even eccentric and happy, a caramel macchiado would satisfy her crave and cheer her up.

Remember, questions or comments, please do let me know.


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