Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey! Scribe of the day

Friday September 28, 2007
· Today we were without Smith (because she was at a pumpkin patch or something…), but we were taken good care of, by Mrs. Ritzdorf.

· At first, there was some confusion whether or not we were starting or finishing Beowulf. I guess the teacher was looking at the plan for next Friday, but all was ok because we in fact had not read any of the story, so we began reading Beowulf.
· We “circled our wagons,” but for some reason it was not the same as it is, without Mrs. Smith but we were able to move on.
· We read from pages 21-32 up to canto 8.
· While reading we kept in mind the questions:
o How does Beowulf fit the Journey of a Hero? (Innocence, chaos etc…)
o How Beowulf connects with the Anglo-Saxon history
· We compared an Epic Hero from a Tragic hero, learning that:
o An Epic hero fights a physical monster or life-form
o A Tragic hero fights internally with him/herself
· Major characters introduced were
o Grendel
o Hrothgar
o Unferth
o Beowulf
· Basically, the story needs to defeat a monster, and Beowulf comes and explains that he can do it, very boastful, saying he can do it without a weapon, is not afraid of danger and explains that he has defeated a monster in his past.

· Our Homework:

o College Scholarships due 10/15
o Our test over Beowulf Monday 10/8
o We have a quiz over cantos 1-11 next Wednesday

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