Friday, September 7, 2007

Today: Friday, September 07, 2007

Homework for the weekend: scribe (which is me), work on final essay (due next Friday, must conference before next Friday), make sure you’re signed up for a conference, post essay online.

Today wasn’t too eventful; it went a little like this:

We came to conclude that next week is going to be bomb (more like jacked, according to Smith). We’re going to have our Homecoming assembly Monday, PLC late start on Wednesday, and the Pep Assembly Friday. Wahoo!

Mrs. Smith continued to pass around the conference sign up, if you haven’t signed up by now, I’m thinking that you should probably get on that.

We then took out the laptops so we could post our essays online and did musical chairs (peer editing style) and peer edited other essays on each computer.

Also, Mrs. Smith posted next week’s schedule for all of you type A students out there.

So, that’s really all we did today, I would double check and look at what Mrs. Smith posted as to what we did today on her powerpoints on her teacher webpage, just incase I missed anything. Everyone…have a good weekend.

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