Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21, 2007

Hey Everyone!

Scribe today..

1.I will start off by saying that the students who have not made an appointment yet with Mrs. Smith about the writing conference need to do that ASAP because it is due by 9/27. Also the students who already made an appointment; Don't froget your meeting time and be on time.
Mrs.Smith off hours are- MWF;1,6/TH;1,4,6(at the study center) So make sure you sign up.

2.Class started off today by Mrs. Smith telling the class about copying off the Beo Wolf story on the book that all of us got today. It will be alot easier for us that way because then we don't have to keep carrying the big huge purple book around.

3.Joe, Brooks and Michael were kind enough to hand out the Element of literature book to everybody in class which was really nice. Thank you guys. :)

4.Everybody got a chance to do their presentation today. The first group to present was Becka, Shanon, Sue and Shawn. They did Scene II, Ode III. They chose the View for their skit and the table was their significant prop.
The second group to present was Sam, Steven, Matthew, Ian and Dan. Sam played Jocasta which was pretty interesting, Steven played Oedipus, Matthew played Creon, Ian played the chorus leader and Dan played the Messenger. They did a stereotype of highschool. And I belive the Altar of the Monkey was their significant prop. They did the Scene II, Ode II.
The third group to present was Joe, Brooks, Michael, Kyle and Jacob. Brooks played as the driver/sphinx, Kyle played as King Laius, Joe played Oedipus the king, Michael played as the drunk, and Jacob played Jocasta. And this all took place in London by the way. :) The crown was their significant prop. And correct me if Im wrong but I think the scene they did was Prequil Part II..?!!
The fourth group to present was Emily D., Aly, Charlie and Emily H. Emily D. played as the news man, Aly and Emily H. played as the girls walking in the street,Charlie played Oedipus the homeless. They performed in class and the sign that Charlie (Oedipus) was holding was their significant prop.
The fifth group to present in class was Jackie, Ryan, Leigh, and Jack. Jackie played as the prophet and Merope, Ryan played as Polybus, Leigh played as the Messenger and Jocasta, Jack played as King Laius. They modernized their play. The baby and the trashcan was their significant prop. And the scene they did was Prequil Part II.

Everybody's presentation was awesome! Good job working together as groups and also Good job for the effort that everybody put in the presentations.

5.Mrs.Smith was talking about her interesting idea about our final for the end of the first semester. The idea was to pick our own groups and create a definition of a hero. And she also wants us to get ideas from the books we've read and are going to read to help us with this final. Mrs.Smith also wants us to use OED (Oxford English Dictionary) because it has some great definition of a hero. Mrs.Smith also wants us to start checking out that website to just get a feel of what we might do and to just gather information to get started.! So if you have any more questions ask Mrs.Smith or feel free to blog and ask me.! :)

PS. Our Hw. for Monday is- Writing Conference, Read 2-19, 47 and take notes, scribe and check out big books.

That's all for today..
Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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