Monday, September 24, 2007

Scribe September 24, 2007

In class today many things happened, this is just an overview:
- Look at samples of final project, how do we combine the two ideas?
- Check out the big books ( if you don’t already have one)
- Read pg. 2-19 (in the big book) and take notes
- Homework:
o Complete writing conference (THIS MUST BE DONE BY FRIDAY)
o Finish the reading from class and take notes, THERE COULD BE A QUIZ ON THE READING ON WEDNESDAY IF THERE IS NO DISCUSSION.
o Post a comment on under the category google groups. This is about posting our college essays online. If it doesn’t work here are some helpful hints: First sign in before trying to post, then write your comment and watch for it to post, if it does not appear on the screen push the F5 button to refresh it.

When discussing the final project the main question asked was how to combine the idea of a time magazine article and the OED entry and how to present that. Some decisions were made it must meet there standards…
- Discuss the historical periods attributes
- Relate literature to modern times
- Define hero through the journey
- Must be comprehensive
- Work in groups
- Multimedia with writing
- Creativity
- Modern examples
- Use all pieces of Literature
- OED definition
- Documentary: What is a hero? (this is a possible style of project)
- Possible the using the OED entry as an introduction to the rest of the project
- Multimedia: Condensed OED entry
Movie clips to expand definition
- Definition in magazine
She is offering a time to conference on your groups idea before the project is due to let you know if it is a good idea etc..

We will be waiting to make the rubric (as a class) until we have read more of the works.

Also in class today we were told what the test for Beowulf. It will be an in-class essay on the following questions:
1. Relate Beowulf to the 4 stages of a hero (from the power point on her web page)
2. How does Beowulf fit the Anglo-Saxon time period?
a. Ex. If there a dominate woman? Is faith present?
One note card total will be allowed.

Thank you!! Enjoy!

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